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Art 384 01. Class is on Monday, 5:15-7:15pm; Wednesday 5:15-7:15pm in Harder 519

Meet in the West lab on Monday and Wednesday afternoons. Assignments will usually be given on Wednesdays, with a week to complete them. Typically Monday will be a work day, and we'll see on Wednesday how you did before moving on to the next week's assignment. If you lost your course intro handout, here it is.

Reserved Books at Scholes

Thinking with Type,Stop Stealing Sheep, Typographic Systems, Envisioning Information, andThe Cognitive Style of PowerPoint will be on reserve at Scholes Library in the second floor carts until November 15.

What You'll Need

Bring a notebook and writing utensil of your preference, but also a sketch pad (9x12 or so) for roughing out ideas in class, along with a pencil and eraser.

In this class we'll be creating and managing a lot of digital data, so you will need a way to store and transport it safely, as well as a way to work with it quickly in class and lab. The only safe way to do this is to have a portable hard drive that you can use to plug in to the lab's computer with your images and catalog. I'm recommending a portable drive that's at least 250gb (bigger is better) in size, preferably with a firewire 400 interface. (A flash drive, jump drive, memory card, or other solid state drive that is typically used for backup and transporting files is not considered to be a safe substitute for a hard drive! Be warned!)

From time to time you will probably need to produce images that document your work. If you have a digital camera, great. If you don't there are cameras available for checkout at the fifth floor cage.

Gotta Text?

I hate to begin a class this way, but just so you know how I feel about this, here it is. There is nothing easy about the material we are covering. It is even harder to learn if, well, you don't catch it because while I am busy covering it, you are busy with your face glued to your cell phone. (Or perhaps it is a different device that has your attention.) Even if it is just the email and twitter on the monitor you are using for class, ignore it for the duration of this class. If you can't ignore your device, turn it off. If you can't turn it off, leave it in your locker. If you can't leave it in your locker, please leave the class.

Just a reminder of several things you need to do to do well in this class:

- Show up for class
- Turn in assignments on time
- Participate in discussions, about your own work and that of others.
- Do good work, which means think about what we're trying to accomplish here. (Regardless of what I say about it in class, you will always benefit from reading the assignment here before you set out to do it.)
- Ask questions when you don't understand something. It's the best way we have to get answers when we're stuck.