Professional Portfolio: Examples

A few examples to help point you in the right direction. Check back from time to time as this will change over the course of the quarter.
And a few more.

Setting Up Lightroom
If you have a lot of images or documentation files to plow through, Lightroom is the way to organize them, but there is a learning curve if you have not used it before. A quick guide to setting up a private catalog on a public computer.
Annotating Images
Some strategy for setting up metadata templates.
Lightroom Web Gallery
Through a combination of selecting the Lightroom options you want and then modifying the stylesheet that Lightroom builds, you can get a very customized starting place for displaying your images on the web. I used the Lightroom HTML Gallery engine and the HTML Gallery (default) template as a starting point. The weird logo is Woody Packard spelled in Carta, a symbol font, and then used as an identity plate in Lightroom. It turns this type into an image file that is used on every page. By typing in the appropriate metadata you can provide captions for your images, or any other information you want. Butte Gallery.