Professional Portfolio: Resources

Professional Portfolio: Resources


Elam, Kimberly. Typographic Systems. Princeton, NJ: Princeton Architectural Press, 2007.

Gladwell, Malcolm. Blink: The Power of Thinking without Thinking. New York: Back Bay Books/Little, Brown and Company, 2005.

Heskett, John. Design: A Very Short Introduction. Very Short Introductions. New York: Oxford University Press, 2002.

Lupton, Ellen. Thinking with Type: A Critical Guide for Designers, Writers, Editors, & Students Princeton Architectural Press, 2004

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Web Sites

Thinking with Type, a companion to the above book by Ellen Lupton. Very abbreviated lessons give you the feel of what she has to say about typography. If I could in any way encourage you to buy her book, I would. It would take you much farther than I can take you in this very important area.

Color perception paintings by Josef Albers. Color. Think long and hard about it, though it would be best not to spend as much time as Josef Albers did.

“Elif Ayiter is an artist, designer and educator...” Her web site contains tutorials on typography and the history of graphic design, along with illustrations. She is also working with both computer software and digital imaging to create her own comtemporary take on the collage.

Books About Digital Imaging and Process

The Dam Book
by Peter Krough Digital Asset Management for photographers, from Amazon

Real World Color Management
by Bruce Frazer, Chris Murphy, and Fred Bunting. The Bible, from Amazon

The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2 Book: The Complete Guide for Photographers
by Martin Evening from Amazon

Digital Imaging Standards

Universal Photographic Digital Imaging Guidelines is an organization whose mission is to promote a set of standards for best practices for photographers, clients, and service providers. It clearly dilineates responsibilty for quality standards and the expectations for the perfomance of each party. If you read nothing else, check out the Universal Quickguide. The Photographers Guidelines should be required reading if you plan to continue with digital photography professionally.

Picture Licensing Universal System is an organization whose stated mission is "To simplify and facilitate the communication and management of image rights." Its work is a look into the future of what is possible with image metadata.

Digital Supplies and Media

Booksmart Studio in Rochester (ink, paper, printers, custom profiles)

Hahn Graphic in Rochester (Cameras, cards, printers)