Studio Light: Resources

Studio Light: Resources


ASMP, the American Society of Media Photographers
ASMP’s community page will take you to a other organizations and information. This is your best bet for business and copyright information.
ASMP’s western New York chapter. This site will give you information about local activities and meetings. Most of them are open to the public, and students are welcome.
Information on the business of doing freelance editorial or journalistic work.
An organization centered on those doing journalism as an employee of a publisher
Information from the advertising photographers perspective.
The official site of the US Copyright office. Forms, instructions, and more.
Copyright Tutorial will take you beyond the basics that we discussed in class. The process of registering your work is simple and inexpensive, but adhering to the detailed requirements is a must. Start by reading this.

The source. Aside from access to image editing and design software, there is a wealth of information on the user forums about how to make it work.
A link to several software pricing guides, books, and consultants.
Hindsight Ltd. creates InView and StockView, business management software for photographers. This is a link to their demos. Available for mac and windows. Check the rest of their site too, especially their pricing guide
fotoQuote price estimating software has been used by both photographers and buyers for nearly a decade. fotoBiz is management software.

Expressions Media
Image database software for mac and windows. Will embed metadata into files, organize images, and convert images into jpegs, html pages, and export text information. Formerly iView Media Pro, bought by Microsoft, and now owned by Phase One.


The Dam Book
A guide to Digital Asset Management available at

ASMP Professional Business Practices in Photography
Allworth Press

The Real Business of Photography by Richard Weisgrau
Allworth Press

Getting to Yes by Roger Fisher and William Ury
Penguin Group

Getting Past No by William Ury
Random House/Bantam Dell

The Haggler's Handbook by Leonard Koren and Peter Goodman
W. W. Norton