Visual Communication 1: Class Notes

Visual Communication 1: Class Notes

These are not the kind of notes that replace your own note-taking. They will point you back to information that we went over quickly and which you might want to see again.
Week 1

Week 2
The Color IQ test probably tests more than your color vision, but check it out to see how you compare.
Week 9
Using Lightroom
Use this guide to set up the folders for using Lightroom on public computers. If you are working on your own portable hard drive, you can create the folders on it instead of the Scratch drive. If you are using a jump drive, memory stick, or other solid state storage, please follow these instructions carefully.
Week 12
A controversial classic on the subject of Powerpoint presentations, Edward Tufte’s The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint: Pitching Out Corrupts Within, might be accompanied by this reasonable rebuttal. Be sure to also meta-powerpoint parody to appreciate that Tufte’s opinions are not shared by everyone.