Woody Packard

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I-279 at I-579
I-279 as it intersects with I-579, Pittsburgh's Northside.

About This Portfolio
In the immediate presence of these structures it is hard to take everything in at one glance—or one exposure—for the scale of these roads is way beyond the scale of a pedestrian. The images are made from multiple frames stitched together to produce a wide panoramic view. It is not a perfect process. Its artifacts include the bending of linear subjects to match one perspective to another, and the difficulty in reconciling, in one image, parts that have been taken at different times. Overall though, this is the only way I have found to give the sense of scale you have when you are surrounded by so much steel and concrete. Even in all of their wear and tear they are magnificent up close—the circuitry of our business, routing one strand of traffic to another without any apparent awareness by drivers of those of us walking nearby.



I-279 at I-579, Northside