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Western Autumn

Least Weasel, Lochsa Lodge, Cutthroat. Dynamite, deadfall, dry fly. Rock Creek, Rattlesnake, rainbow. A two day fall break that fell exactly on my two days of classes left me time to spend nine days in Montana. Judy and I spent a couple of days in Idaho's Clearwater National Forest, around the Lochsa River, sightseeing, hiking, and even soaking in a hot spring along Warm Creek. Back in Missoula, I spent a few days fishing nearby Rock Creek, both at the lower section near Clark Fork and the upper, just east of Philipsburg. The weather went from rain and fog to sunshine, with cool fall temperature topping out in the 50s. It took a couple days to figure out what trout do and eat when the water gets cold, but I figured it out.

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Western Autumn

Least Weasel

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The least weasel is a small mammal with a huge appetite. Its sharp teeth and claws can take down animals larger than its own diminutive size.