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Waiting for Mongolia

For the past month Judy and I have been waiting to go to Mongolia, and as we do we are wrapping up a lot of unfinished business here at home and with friends and relatives that we won't see for another year. In addition to the normal trip to Montana, along with the cherry tree care and the Buffalo Barbecue, the swimming and visiting with the extended clan, there was moving out of an apartment and finishing classes for Judy. (I took a couple of days away from the orchard to fish.) In the past month there has also been a trip to New Jersey for my sister's wedding, and a trip to California to visit Judy's sister.

In between there has been cleaning, sorting, boxing, packing, and several profitable trips to the scrap yard. I have made room for a tenant, planted poppy seeds in the Can of Worms, taken my last canoe ride for a year. I have also been learning a new camera system, and a few hard lessons on an old one. This notebook contains a brief record of some of these odds and ends.

Right now we are close, with our passports at the Mongolian Embassy, waiting for their return with visas and the final go-ahead to book flights.

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Waiting for Mongolia

Spirit Cruise

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Andrew Mickle and Judy Emerson, on the Spirit of Buffalo.