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After a cloudy start in San Francisco, the skies opened up over eastern Nevada and remained mostly clear through Utah, Colorado, and much of Nebraska, hazing over as we crossed Iowa, and becoming so thick that I hardly recognized our largest river when it passed below me as we crossed into Wisconsin. Dusk came over Lake Michigan, and darkness by the time we landed in Detroit.

I am learning to make the most of whatever window seat I can get, this time taking more care than last with my seat behind the wing to avoid shooting through the wash from the engine. I am also learning that there is no end to the determination of automatic focus to over-ride my best intentions. My latest camera has a setting (which I did not know about until halfway across the country) to tell the camera not to autofocus after you have over-ridden autofocus to set the focus manually. The default setting is to over-ride manual settings with automatic settings. It's sad.

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Duchesne, Utah

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Duchesne, Utah.