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Clearing, North Promontory Range
I have not discovered the reason for this clearing, which intersects with both a road and a dry stream bed on the other side. It is new, as it does not appear on Google's imagery. Google Maps

About This Portfolio
My hopes were high on this flight, because of a previously fortunate experience on this same route, with unusually good light and weather that yielded an entire body of new work. But because of dense haze, these images were taken for "reference only" with no expectations. Once home though, I started to lean on them with Lightroom, pushing sliders to their limits (and way beyond where I have ever set them before.) One by one the images were processed until they had an integrity that revealed what they were about while incorporating the hazy atmosphere. I have printed them, with care, up to 3' wide, with very good results.


MSO > SLC: Spring

Mystery Clearing Crosses North Promontory Range