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If you get this far and can't see pictures, it may be that you are using Internet Explorer. I didn't mean to exclude you, but I haven't been able to fix this problem yet—and I'm not in a very good situation to figure it out. Your best bet until I do is to use Firefox or Safari.

And, I have tried to put the biggest picture possible up, which has resulted, especially for those with small notebooks or laptops, in having to scroll to see the whole image and the title below it. I realize this sounds counter-intuitive, but the solution is to *shrink* your window horizontally until the whole mess scales into place... Keep the window the full height of your screen, but reduce its width and in Safari and Firefox it will jump into place when your window gets to 840 pixels wide. An iPad knows how to do this, but if you get a tiny image on your laptop, just refresh it and you'll be right. If you are using Safari, just command-minus and everything will fit.


These are videos produced by my Freshman Foundations time workshop students. Each seven-person group chose a wall to work on and had only black or white paint to use to produce these animations.