Woody Packard

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I've written two books about what I learned in my time in Mongolia. Both began as posts to this site, as a way to report back to friends and family about what we were seeing in our new home. So far, they are available through the on-demand publisher Blurb.com.

nomadic transformation cover

Learning Mongolia

Written during the course of one year as an immigrant to a land that I was completely unprepared for. This is my account of the process and excitement of learning and making sense of this new culture.

nomadic transformation cover

Nomadic Transformation

After living for a year in Mongolia's rural west, I spent two more years in the country's capital and largest city—which now accounts for two thirds of Mongolia's population. Everywhere there are remains of the traditional nomadic culture, but also the effects of urbanization, modernization, and globalization. This is a collection essays and images describing the tug-of-war between Mongolia's past and future.