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Short video and audio. Later (top of the list) work is mostly documentation of the ordinary or unusual, depending on whose life you happen to be living.




Five samples of Tatlag, rhythmic traditional Mongolian instrumental music, played at the 5th International Morin Khuur Symposium, in Ulaanbaatar.   2016-05-06

Sailing (Kazakh Version)


This is a song performed for us by The Kugyershin Family singers, here only the father and daughter.   2016-04-29

A Decade of Building at Zaisan


Historic imagery from Google Earth showing development from 2005 to late 2015.  2015-11-30

A Fly Sits on the Window


A classic Mongolian song, embellished by my instructor.   2015-05-10

First Light


Sunrise, Bayan Zuurkh, on the first day of Tsagaan Sar  2015-02-20

New Year's Well-Being Send


Welcoming the New Year at Sukhbaatar Square, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.  2015-01-06

Ger Raising


Time lapse record of the assembly of a ger.  2013-06-15

Women's Day


Mongolian Song for Women  2013-03-08



Traditional Khazak dombor played at Nauriz in Khovd Suum, Mongolia.  2013-03-24

Wedding Song


Elderly Dorvod singers performing an unusual style of traditional singing. There are few left who perform these songs.  2013-06-20

Camels Leaving Their Young


This is the sound of camels being separated from their young in the morning. Audio only.  2013-06-02

Уран Хас


A Mongolian Waltz  2012-12-24

Flour Game


A game with some similarities to Bobbing for Apples.  2012-11-04

Men's Day


Audio only, this is the song that six teachers sang as they brought dinner for us on Men's Day.  2013-03-18



Progress to date (10/15-11/15/12) on daily recordings made in Khovd's central square.   11/2012

Har Us Noor


Xap Yc Hyyp in Mongolian, transliterated into English, is Har Us Noor. Literally, it means Black Water Lake.   2012-11-11

My First Demolition Derby


My introduction to the world of demolition derbies.  6/2011

Motion Walls


Documentary of a student animation project.  5/2011

Foundation Students Videos


These are videos produced by my Freshman Foundations time workshop students.  2011-03-20

Rope Swing


Fun for all ages.  7/2010



A year-long look at the changing course of a stream.  5/2010

Bog Year


Observation reveals one level of meaning from a subject. Structure, I've discovered, reveals another.  4/2009

Binocular Vision


We take for granted the ease with which left and right eyes work together to give us smooth perception of depth and movement.  2/2009



Two-channels run not-quite-in-sync, so that there is time (and space) missing (or extra) between the left and right frames.  10/2008



Collaborative work with Bao Shi Hong at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing.  11/2008



Something like what an MRI feels like.   9/2008

The Cicada


Shaped like an opera, this audio and text piece is not an opera.  10/2008

Canis Lupus Mobius


Nineteen seconds of canine activity, looped together in a twisted and connected way.  10/2007

My Eclipse


Four hours of winter night observation packed into a tidy two minute package.  2/08

Line Drawing


Interviews with artists about the state of art.  2/08

Why I Am Late


Some of you know already, many will understand because they have seen it happen to others.  12/2008



Note taking helps if you can remember what your note is about.  3/2008



You can't always remember what you put away.  3/2008

Electric Peppers


It wasn't supposed to turn out this way  10/2007

Brassica oleracea


A close view of an unusually colorful vegetable, equally colorful family and friends.   10/2007
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