Woody Packard

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Curriculum Vitae


M.F.A. Electronic Integrated Arts, Alfred University, Alfred NY
A.A.S. Photography, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
B.A. Sociology, Lehigh University, Bethlehem, PA


2015-2016 Visiting Assistant Professor, Mongolian University of Science and Technology.
Research position sponsored by the department of design to continue work on several books about Mongolia. Conducted weekly discussions on design and culture.

2014-2015 English Language Instructor, Mongolian State University of Arts and Culture.
Teaching English to upper level university administration.

2012-2013 Lecturer, Khovd University, Khovd, Mongolia
Teaching English to first and third year English Language teaching students while photographing and writing about rural western Mongolia.

2002-2012 Adjunct Assistant Professor, Alfred University, Alfred, NY
Developed curriculum for and taught an introductory Studio Lighting course for third and fourth year students having no studio experience; Black & White Photography, a course for BFA majors, a version of which was also offered to Liberal Arts majors with no art background; The View Camera, an intrtoduction to lage-format photography; Digital Photography, a primer that emphasizes both the context and the fluidity of this medium; Professional Portfolio, a workshop for the development of a resume, print and web portfolios, personal identity systems, and statements of skills and marketability; Visual Communications I, a required course for Marketing majors in the School of Business with no prior art experience.

2004-2006 Adjunct Instructor, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
Developed curriculum and taught a condensed introduction to the business of photography, Photo Business Management, for third and fourth year students. Developed and taught an introduction to studio photography for second year students.


1979-2009 Commercial Photographer, Rochester, New York, owner, Woody Packard Photography, specializing in close-up, detailed studio still life, product, and illustration work for advertising clients such as Dupont, Eastman Kodak Co., Xerox, Bausch & Lomb, Chase Manhattan Bank, Shimano, and Nikon.

2000-2015 Web Design and Database Programming. Working with clients to organize and present images for publication on the web. Integrating database features with custom interfaces for sites used by image rightsholders to market their work and service clients. Completed sites include takestockphotos.com, mattherronwriter.com, and this site.

Trade Association

1987–2017Member, American Society of Media Photographers (ASMP)
2001-2002 Secretary, Executive Board member
2000-2001 Chair, Communications Committee
1999-2002 ASMP Director, National Board
1998-2000 Kodak Re-Use Plan. Built a working prototype of a system for re-use licensing of assignment work working jointly with ASMP and the Eastman Kodak company. Prototype included documentation of data requirements, database structures, and user interfaces for photographers and corporate users.
1988-1996 ASMP/Western New York Newsletter Editor; Director; Chapter President

Selected Talks

2016 Ulaanbaatar's Urban Environment, American Corner, Ulaanbaatar Library, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
Mongolia's capital and largest city faces enormous environmental challenges. Sometimes it helps to stop and look, and sometimes it is useful to listen.

2016 Protecting Mongolia's Protected Lands, American Corner, Ulaanbaatar Library, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.
Mongolia is home to the world's first national park. Why are apartments being built there?

2015 Learning Mongolia, American Corner, Ulaanbaatar Library, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Photographs, video, and sound from a year in rural Western Mongolia.

2015 Wrestling with English, Presented at seven seconary schools in Bayankhongor, Gobi-Altai, and Khovsgul. Traveled with a team from the US Embassy to encourage English use for communicating personal strengths and accomplishments in essays and applications for scholarships in the United States.

2013 Photography’s Place, Khovd University, Khovd, Mongolia. Recent photographs from Mongolia as well as aerial images from Mongolia, China, and the United States used to illustrate photography’s unique position spanning both art and scientific documentation.

2008 Get Your Assets in Gear, Cataraugas County Council for the Arts, Salamanca and Elmira, NY
Professional development workshops introducing artists to digital imaging technology with the goal of using digital assets to help them document and promote their work.

Selected Writing

—2016 Mongolia Notes, (web) ongoing notes and images as a rural nomadic culture adapts to a materialistic world.

2014 Learning Mongolia, (book) a year's observations of the progress of acclimation in a foreign language and culture.

2009 Two Years, (book) my mid-life MFA Thesis about the relationship between observation, media, and the perception of deep time.

2008 Digital Workflow Best Practices, (pdf) A short introduction to the basics of digital imaging for use in workshops and classes for artists.

2001 A Proposal for Independent Creators, with Tom Guidera (pdf) Published by ASMP as a white paper and as a special edition of the ASMP Bulletin. An in depth analysis of the state of the photography business, and a proposal for a cooperative solution.


2012 Arts and Cultural Council Invitational, Rochester NY
2012 Communication Arts Photography Annual, MSO > SLC
2012 Arts and Cultural Council Juried Exhibition, Rochester NY, (Juror’s award)
2011 Specific Environments: Landscape as Metaphor, The Lincoln Center, Fort Collins, CO
2011 Arts and Cultural Council Juried Exhibition, Rochester NY
2010 Yan Gerber International Arts Festival, Hebei Province, China
2010 Known by Sight, Rochester, NY (s)
2009 Loop 09, Barcelona, Spain
2009 Time’s Shadow, Fosdick-Nelson Gallery, Alfred, NY (s)
2007 Reunion, Center at High Falls, Rochester, NY
2006, 2005 RIT Faculty Shows, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY
2005 Art in the Park, Hockaday Museum, Kalispell, MT
2005 Art in the Gardens, Sonnenberg Gardens, Canandaigua, NY
2004-2006 Clothesline Show, Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY
2004 Recent Observations, Center at High Falls, Rochester, NY
1999 Saltenstahl Artists, Schweinfurth Memorial Art Gallery, Auburn, NY
1996 The Heart Show, Center at High Falls, Rochester, NY
1994 Finger Lakes Exhibition, Memorial Art Gallery, Rochester, NY
1990 Still Life and Its Borders, Wilson Arts Center, Rochester, NY


Running, hiking, and other travel by foot, canoe, ski, or bicycle.
Geology, biology, and evolution.
Woodworking and carpentry.
Gardening, cooking, reading.
Learning to play the morin khuur.
Dogs that swim.