Woody Packard

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Bog Year

Bog Year is the structured animation of still observations made over the course of a year, recorded as stitched panoramas made up of three twelve megapixel sections each. All of the motion in the video happens by moving within these matched sets of composite images--both across the image as well as through time, by dissolving between one view and the same view made at a different time. They were made at four locations inside Mendon Ponds Park, which preserves an impressive array of glacial geology. Seen here is the area between Devil's Bathtub, a kettle formed when a large block of isolated glacial ice melted amid large deposits of sand and gravel, and Kennedy Bog, a floating peat bog at the other end of a long esker that runs above them and forms a steep wall. The area between is low and wet most of the year, for there is no outlet. During times of rain or when the ground freezes the water backs up and gradually drains through the porous sandy soil. In dry times there are places where you can walk from one side to the other, and in the winter it is usually flooded. Also included is one enormous oak just off the trail on one approach to the area.